The Real Hot Chocolate Story

The Real Hot Chocolate Our Story

It was the winter of 2009 that my mother & I decided to create the company known today as The Real Hot Chocolate. It had been a dream of ours to work together with mum behind the scenes running the office and organising events, and me upfront selling ice to the Eskimos (!) – and now real hot chocolate to the masses.

A friend of the family shared with us the original concept she had seen whilst on holidays in Germany. They visited a local chocolatier and saw tapered square blocks of chocolate with a wooden stick set in the chocolate to stir with in over 30 flavours! It’s no secret the Europeans have been drinking REAL hot chocolate for centuries in many ways and flavours, now we can too!

With the support of my father, my mother and I started creating our family business whilst she was in her second remission from breast Cancer. Mum designed the cup cake shape moulds we use now, set up our current office and became chief chocolatier whilst on oral chemo when I was on the road cold canvassing our hundreds of current clients today Australia wide.

The Real Hot Chocolate became my mothers distraction from the Cancer. I would phone her with every new client I signed to hear her cheer me on over the phone. Marie Elsie Eagles became my inspiration to do greater, be better and strive to be successful in what we have created.

Our fully certified factory is in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney where my father and I make our handmade product using Barry Callebaut gluten free, preservative free with no traces of nut chocolate to this day.

Mum left us in October 2011 but the legacy of her vision lives on in it’s 6th year of business.

The Real Hot Chocolate’s first ingredient is LOVE. The love of a mother and daughter, the love of life shared and the love of the purest chocolate on the planet. Celebrate Christmas this year by sharing the love with our REAL hot chocolate handmade with LOVE in 7 flavours at – and now the Metro Hotel on Pitt.