The Real Hot Chocolate Fundraising Eski

The Real Hot Chocolate Fundraising Eski is the hottest new fundraising product that is not only super-easy to sell, but comes with a high $50 profit per box to benefit your school or club! You can even let us re-brand it for you with your school or club’s logo or motto – but either way, you get a unique, high-end, high-performing promotional fundraising product that ‘sells itself’!

Each individual fundraising pack is packaged in an easy to carry, light-weight polystyrene eski with a carry handle, which protects and presents the product.

We recommend that every child or member has an allocation of min. 2 fundraising eski’s, that contains 20 hot chocolate spoons. You can choose your own combinations of our 3 flavours per pack. You may find some families ordering 4, or even more.

Hand Made With LOVE!

To encourage orders, you could also think about holding an incentive or prize for the child or club member who sells the most chocolate!

The cost of each 20 pack is $70.00, which works out to $3.50 per unit at cost plus shipping. We recommend the children sell each spoon for $6 (or more) each. We have found this to be a good ‘low barrier’ price with friends and neighbours commonly buying ‘2 for $12’, or ‘4 for $24’. (Retailers sell The Real Hot Chocolate spoons for as much as $6.95, so customers buying your fundraising chocolate at $6 per unit are getting excellent value.)

Even if the children sell the chocolates for $5 each, you will still make $30 profit per box.

Renae Eagles

Renae Eagles, Founder and CEO of The Real Hot Chocolate

Our experience is that the children will find our chocolate so easy to sell that we recommend each child orders two eskis – one for their own family, and one to sell to friends and neighbours!

The reaction to our product is often “WOW!” This is because our product is beautifully packaged and has not been over-exposed in the fundraising market – unlike other chocolate.

Add to this the benefit of the $50 profit per box – and you will see that our product for fundraising will outperform any other fundraising chocolate that you may have sold before.

Our box will make you $50! If 100 children sell one box each, your school will make $5,000.

If 500 children sell 2 boxes each your school will make $50,000!

Or if 1,000 students sell 1 box each your school will also make $50,000!

Our product is Gluten FREE, Preservative FREE with NO traces of NUTS, is 100% Australian made with high quality European chocolate hand made with LOVE, and stocked by some of Australias most discerning and trusted retail brands such as Donna Hay and Wheel & Barrow – so you can trust our product to be a high quality fundraising item.

How to get started:

Contact us on (02) 4739 6886 to discuss your requirements.

We have order forms and information sheets all ready that you can use to print and mail, or email to parents.

We can also make customised header cards if required, with your school or institution’s branding. Allow approx. 3 weeks to make and ship your order. We make the chocolates fresh especially for you.

Once you receive your chocolate, distribute it to the children. We would generally allow the children 2 weeks to sell the chocolate and return the profits to the school.

We are certain you will break your previous fundraising records.

Book in for next year, and we’ll commit to giving your school or club next year’s chocolate, at this year’s price!

Phone us today to book in early to secure your fundraising date.

From all of us here at TRHC have a beautiful day!