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Experience our Real Hot Chocolate Belgian flavours today!
Made with LOVE!

The Real Hot Chocolate is a fun way to experience a real hot chocolate – that you make yourself!

Each hot chocolate spoon contains 50g of professionally tempered and hand spooned European chocolate, that you stir into your mug of hot milk – creating a delicious mug of REAL hot chocolate!

(We’ve designed our spoons with an extra 10 grams of chocolate. So – as we say on our label – ‘don’t forget to lick off every now and ZEN!’ – as it melts into your Real Hot Chocolate!)

Our chocolate is Gluten and Preservative Free, with NO Traces of Nuts– making our chocolate one of the purest forms of chocolate on the market, and ideal for School Fundraising.

Optional Custom-Branded Packaging

We are happy to re-brand the front of the packaging with header cards featuring your company, café, or school’s coat of arms, wedding personalisation, or any text or logo of your choice.

Our tailor-made header cards are professionally printed here in the Blue Mountains, and attached to your chocolate prior to dispatch.

Other ideas:

Use your school motto, a thank you from your school or company, or a seasonal greeting.

The Ideal Gift

Our Gourmet Collection Pack, with a selection of 21 spoons in every flavour, makes the great corporate or teacher’s gift; and our smaller Gift Baskets – one of every flavour – are also perfect for volume corporate gifts.

Both packs are available in our online store.

You can save time by having your gifts delivered directly to the recipients – we’ll even include a gift card if you give us instructions at checkout!

School Fundraiser Packs

Our School Fundraiser 20 Pack is a little Styrofoam eski with a lid, attached by a rope handle, making the pack easy to carry for any child.

The eski also maintains the quality of the chocolate*.

*Our chocolate should not be refrigerated, and it should be fine provided the lid is kept on when travelling, and the product or packaging is not placed in direct sunlight. The rope on the eski is to be used only to carry the chocolate. We supply our products in top quality packaging, but note that even commonly used materials like polystyrene, paper, cardboard, rope, wooden spoons and plastic may be hazardous when misused.

No responsibility will be taken for any injury sustained by improper or careless use of our product or packaging materials. Gluten Free, Preservative Free and NO Traces of nuts. Made in Australia from imported ingredients and local love.

The Real Hot Chocolate is a family owned business in operation since Dec.2009.
Our factory is in the Blue Mountains near Sydney.

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